High precision climatestation for E1 Lab YCM16C

Climate measuring systems for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as measurement recording in metrological mass standards laboratories. The Sartorius climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and features a wide range of connections for 16 analog and just about as many digital sensors. Thus the climate measuring system can easily be integrated in existing networks.

Name / Order number
minimum sample weight acc. to USP (Typical)
CPA Micro Balance CPA26P0.002 | 0.01 mg5 | 21 g6 mg
CPA Mikro váha CPA26P-0CE0,002 | 0,01 mg21 g6 mg
ME Micro Balance ME36S-0CE0,001 mg31 g5 mg
ME Micro Balance ME36S0,001 mg31 g5 mg
Cubis® Ultramicro Balance MSA2.7S-000-DF0,0001 mg2,1 g1 mg
Cubis® Ultramicro Balance MSA2.7S-000-DM0,0001 mg2,1 g1 mg
Cubis® Ultramicro Balance MSU2.7S-0CE-DM0,0001 mg2,1 g1 mg
Cubis® Ultramicro Balance MSU2.7S-000-DF0,0001 mg2,1 g1 mg
Cubis® Ultramicro Balance MSU2.7S-0CE-DF0,0001 mg2,1 g1 mg
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